En/redar-se: Networking in/with/for World Anthropologies

The purpose of the present web page is to support the formation of a self-organizing world anthropologies network.
Conceived as a process we hope that the network will constitute a dialogic space for discussing ‘anthropology’ in its relation to a multiplicity of world-making processes and events. We hope that the network will contribute to the development of a plural landscape of world anthropologies that is both less shaped by metropolitan hegemonies and more open to the heteroglossic potential of unfolding globalization processes.

We define this as en/redar-se. Modified from the Spanish “to self-entangle,” we suggest that this practice should constitute the underpinning philosophy/activity of the network: the constant, planetary interlocking of locally significant notions aimed at producing shared, yet differentiated, anthropological practices.

Eventually, the network should move towards planetary modes of inquiry while enabling plural, place-centered political/theoretical visions and concerns and without imposing uniform agendas or styles.

Necessarily multilingual, and organized and effected virtually as well as through concrete (and hopefully intentionally unorthodox) events, the network will also aim at producing alternative research and funding practices, emphasizing collective research agendas and authorship, while remaining sensitive to place-based particularities.